CalTech CalTech Warranty is a Ripoff and Provides NO Coverage Your Local Car Dealer Sells Their Product Nationwide!!. I purchased a car from Volkswagen of Fort Myers. When closing the deal the finance manager offered me the CalTech protective coating to protect the paint on the car. He lowered the price of the car the amount of the warranty, so I said okay and excepted the warranty. After about two years the car developed small spots like something driped on the paint and messed up the clear coat. The next time I took my car back to the dealership for service I asked them about fixing the spots on the paint and told them I had the CalTech warranty. The service advisor said I would have to file the claim through CalTech, and said good luck because they no longer offered that warranty to customers because of all the complaints that CalTech denies all claims. When I filed the claim with CalTech they said that they reviewed the pictures I sent them and they do not cover clear coat peeling. I said the clear coat is not peeling and that it looks like something dripped on the car and damaged the clear coat in spots, so they sent a third party person out to look at the car. He gave them his report and stated in his report that it looks like something corrosive got on the paint and damaged it in spots. CalTech denied the claim and said they only cover things like bird droppings, hard water stains, acid rain, etc; however, as a customer who was told that this warranty protects the paint from damage this is a joke. They just read me the fine print and repeat themselves that the claim is denied. Do not allow your dealer to upsell you this coverage, it is a joke. Even if they lower the price of the car so that it does not cost anything extra, it is not worth it because it keeps them in business.

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