Calvert’s Express


Calvert’s Express Ripe Off Artest St. Louis Missouri!!. I went to this store location to get my wheels aligned and paid $59 for it and I thought that my problem was fixed right, so I go on and a couple of weeks later I fine out that I need front brakes so I have a friend of mind to do the work and he told me that I needed a caliber on the front. Now I had to ask him how can I get a wheel alignment needing a caliber and he told me there is no way a wheel alignment would work knowing that. That was just one situation the other was I went to the same location to get a tune up on my 1999 Ford Explorer and was told that even with the $69 coupon it would be $250 because I need an electrical tune up, I told her I never heard of such, so I went somewhere else.

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