Cambrea Chin – Roseburg, Oregon Oregon


Despite being the daughter of a pastor, she is anything but godly herself. A typical example of the women in Roseburg where she had 2 kids with 2 different fathers before she even made it to age 21. The concept of staying loyal in a relationship means nothing to her. She frequently likes to attach herself to guys that are in the military/armed forces, than cheats on them while they’re away or over seas. Her second child was the result of such behavior. When shes supposedly in a relationship, she’ll go and make accounts on dating sites such as Plenty of Fish or Tinder, and you can tell that they are recently made because of the information she puts on there such as current job and her pictures are always recent if you’re friends with her on facebook and notice such things. She has been “engaged” no less than 5 or 6 times now, if you think I’m kidding feel free to punch her name in on google, lots of wedding registries over the years can be found in which shes no longer with the person. I honestly don’t think she has a conscious or a heart, I have a male friend that didn’t date much and had trouble coming out of his shell, she led him on and confused him for months with giving him mixed emotions and messages. In the end she ended up hurting him badly when he found out she was “engaged” to someone while frequently seeing him. After her he doesn’t seem to take an interest in girls or wanting to date anymore, it’s sad all it took was one girl to destroy him like that. Stay away from her if you know whats good for you!

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