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I am currently a tenant at Camden at Buckingham apartments and have live here for 15 months and have been a good tenant. Recently, I decided to move because after my lease term was up, Camden was not willing to make any adjustments to my current rent or offer any incentives for me to re-lease. My move out date is October 27, 2009; therefore my October rent was prorated. In an effort not to short my rent as I could not remember the exact pro-rated amount, I paid the rent for the entire month of October. I requested a refund of the $125 I paid over the required pro-rated rent and was told that they were going to hold the overage amount along with the $477.50 in deposit funds that they already are holding from when I moved in, and will issue a refund if in fact I don’t owe fees that the deposit would be used for.. Now there is nothing in my lease that says at some point I would be required to pay additional deposits or any money I pay over will then be used as an additional deposit. There is no damage in the unit that would dictate holding the initial deposit, less known my additional over payment in rent. I think this is dishonest dealings. It is not enough that in this difficult economic time, Camden Properties is doing nothing to relieve the financial stress their valued customers are suffering; but they have gone so far as to pick the pockets of a single mother trying to keep her family from falling prey to inflation and rising cost. I think this behavior is synonymous of a parasite feeding on people who they perceive as vulnerable. I hope this will help to get some attention for my situation and countless others who are being victimized by shady landlords. Thank you, Erika King

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