Cameron Taylor – Orem, Utah Utah


Cameron Taylor, where do we begin? Hmmm. After a few months of a casual relationship (starting in oct 2017) and speaking everyday. Cameron began to confide in me about his past, his failed marriage, how he left his family for”a crazy b*tch” who ruined his life, messed with his job, kept him from his kids and destroyed him. (Referring to Laura Olson, also on this site but not submitted by me) He explained how vicious and abusive the relationship was and how over it he was. He started wanting exclusivity, which I mean I was ready for, I just wasn’t sure he was. He’d been married for 14 years, the prior two he was having an affair with Laura from the fire station. If there’s anything I get it’s that divorce is F***ing hard and they had a real mess going on. He assured me that he was ready and his divorce was just waiting to be signed. He convinced me, on January 16, 2018 I deleted the dating apps, got rid of the back up plans, blocked numbers and committed myself to trying with”only” him. Little did my naive ass know that was not the case, Laura was still in the picture. || On Feb 11th I received a text from Laura stating that she pays his phone bill and that he’s been mooching off of her for two and a half years…. whatever… never saying anything about them being together…. whatever. He convinces me yet again.”She’s crazy” and that was just her freaking out about him getting the last of his stuff from her garage. All is good, actually great. For a few weeks. Then I start to get suspicious, of course, the seed had already been planted. His stories aren’t adding up. And I start following my head instead of my heart. Because by this time he’d started with the mind fuck, talking about a future together, I love you type sh*t, your my girl blah, blah, blah. All lies. As I began setting my trap for blowing up his world, I continue to be kind yet calculated. I give you the back story because at my wits end I contacted the dreaded”ex” the one who will only let him see the kids at her place, the once again”crazy bitch” and unfortunately I wasn’t the first. The same scenario two times before me. Saying he’s with his kids while he is out staying at c*ntface’s. The whole time all I heard was how he was”legit, and a”good dad always spending time with his kids and their activities. Lies. Hardly ever with his kids. I am writing this because he had me fooled. He is scum. He is a energy sucker, there is no way one woman could ever satisfy that ego. After removing the blinders and assessing the situation I was able to see how fake he truly is. He is a terrible liar, and will tell you everything he thinks you want to hear. After a few weeks of investigating I dropped the bomb on laura after seeing a text between the two. He exploded. I saw the violent side I had heard about from the ex wife. He went nuts for about a day then he was back to the”I miss you” shit. I am writing this because I googled him like all girls do, I fb stalked him. And never did I have any inkling of what kind of toxic boy he really is. He is a master manipulator, alcoholic, dead beat abusive manic cheater. He uses being a fireman as a ploy for being a decent human being, which he is no where near. He is currently suspended awaiting a hearing for drinking on the job. By Tuesday he will likely be unemployed. And women deserve to know. I wish I would have known.

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