Camille “Mimi” Lopez – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


Camille Lopez had a child by my deceased husband and thinks nobody knows. It’s one of her 4 boys. Smdh. She is dating a cocaine dealer named Miguel Vargas. She’s manipulative and a liar. She claims my primo abused her. She cheated on him their whole relationship of like 20 years. She broke up her ex’s family and ruined kids lives. She tried to mess with some guy name Carlos who works at ups or fedex. She uses guys for money and cocaine. She left her oldest kid as a baby and never came back. She has a previous record for selling cocaine… hmmmm I wonder why? Oh yeah because she snorts it. My primo kicked her out and that’s when she went and ruined another family. She’s a thief and a liar. Once a h*e always a h*e.  She runs everytime someone figures her out. She drinks alcohol like a fish and tries to hide it. But we all know. This thing will ruin your life! Beware! She is known to frequent gage park, Marquette park, and Toyota park areas. She is always a waitress because she’s too ignorant to learn anything other than snorting coke or sucking you know what. Her ex, my primo, is Gabriel Rodriguez who also lives in Illinois. Btw my husband died in the fall of 2016.

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