Campbell Appliance Heating and Air, Inc. Round Rock Texas Review


BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! Much like the previous reviewers, we too were ripped off by these people but this time we caught them. We had their technician come out and look at our heater on Saturday 11/9/13 in an emergency fix situation. Our heater had gone out 2 days before the freeze. The tech, who’s name I will leave out, misdiagnosed our problem to be an issue with our motor. After quoting us about $500 and making us pay a 50% deposit, we decided to get a second opinion. Boy I’m glad I did. I called the tech THE SAME DAY and told him to hold off until Monday (again this was all on a Saturday) and he said he would call me first thing Monday morning. Our second opinion company was from Fontaine Heating and Air and they were at my door steps before the Campbell’s tech called me back. He said the issue was a simple little switch and was a completely different part than the first tech told me it was. He went to his supplier, picked up the part, and fixed my heater before lunch. The total charge for his service was $135. $135 is a far cry from the rip off of $500+ dollars Campbell’s tried to sell me for. But that is not the BAD part… Once my wife called for a refund of our deposit because the tech misdiagnosed our issue, Campbell’s said no and would not refund it. THEY LITERALLY TRIED TO TAKE OUR MONEY FOR SERVICES THEY DID NOT PROVIDE!!!!!! The office manager said that the “tech was not wrong and that we were not allowed to shop around for someone cheaper””. I’m sorry but your tech was wrong because my heater works now because of a completely different part than he said it was. I ended up having to file a fraud. Claim with my bank to get my money back. I would not recommend Campbell’s Heating and Air to my worst enemy. Shame on you Campbell’s heating and air. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!!!!!!”

Round Rock, Texas USA


Cooling & Ventilation, Heating

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