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Camping world Lakewood NJ Michele E. Holland Dave vuola Changed Price on Rv 3 times, and made us pay for exterior damage when we had insurance Lakewood nj!!. The below describes my recent experience at Lake Wood NJ Camping World that has to be not only addressed but resolved for what we went through as a 3rd time RV buyer in the past 36 months. I went to Camping World of NJ on Feb 16th to get my Miramar RV fixed under warrantee, I then was told non of the issues were covered under the extended warrantee which I did not understand as we bought the most expensive warrantee offered when we purchased the Miramar. I asked the amount to fix all the issues with the 1 year old RV and it added up to $20,000 so I said we are better off just trading this unit in and paying a bit more for a new unit. Sales associate Michele Holland after inspecting out our Miramar as we brought it in to get repaired Michele said, u201cwe will give you $90,000.00 for the Miramar that you can put toward the $144,995.00 Challenger.u201d I was told you were able to get you approved for financing all you need to do is send you ID to Tim Cahill by Monday Feb 18, 2019. I sent an email on Feb 18, 2019 to Tim Cahill with my u201cIdentification Card attachedu201d please see (Exhibit #1) this email was sent 5 days before we went to pick he unit up. I went to camping world at 3pm on Feb 23, 2019 to pick up the new challenger, I was now told in order for us to take the new coach we have to Pay $6,000.00 for all the body damage. Now my lid just blew Michelle Holland inspected the unit on Feb 16th and said nothing about this. I have $1000.00 deductable with allstate to fix issues like this on my coachesu2026 I am not sure of the guys name but he said do not bother itu2019s an extra $5.00 per month in financing and being youu2019re going to finance with us we will knock off $3,000 so for you to take your coach back home and go threw all this trouble your really paying $2,000.00 more as you already would have to pay a $1000 deductable with allstate so look at it as a convenience fee. ( Now why wasnu2019t I told this when Michele Holland inspected the unit and or before feb 23 2019 being the Miramar coach was at camping world the entire week ) . When we signed the deposit slip the RV price was : 146,135.00 ( which was higher then website due to freight & prep we were told ) u201cPlease see Exhibit 2 for deposit invoiceu201d I was sent to finance, Dave Vuolo now changed the coach price to $152,135.00 The New coach was listed on the camping world website for $144,995.00 u201cPlease see Exhibit 3 for website listingu201d then we were getting $90,000 for our thor Miramar trade in which bring us to $52,000 then add the body work $6000 which bring us to $58,000 then add freight and prep $3000 which brings us to $61,000 Now where does the $69,000 come from? Also where is the $3,000 off for financing? u201cPlease see Exhibit #4 for the fraud price inflationu201d When I was finally signing all the documents I was told by Dave Vuolo, your name Jonathan Cavalea is not listed as a driver on the insurance declaration page, I told Dave Vuolo, thatu2019s because I do not drive hence it says on my ID u201cIdentification Cardu201d Dave Vuolo said ok well all state is closed now so Monday please have your name added to the policy I said ok no problem. u201c Now again why wasnu2019t this brought up to me prior to Feb 23 2019? I faxed the proof of insurance on Feb 22 2019u201d u201cPlease see Exhibit #5 proof insurance was faxed prior to the pick up dateu201d Here is an email from Michele Holland requesting the insurance document with Jonathan Name listen AFTER we signed and had the new RV in our driveway! This is proof the staff at lake wood has made another error. u201cPlease see Exhibit #6 email after we had already got the new rv u201d Now days after I had to miss a days pay of work go to the bank and get a money order for $64,993.92 drive 2.5 hours and give it to Lakewood campingworld. u201cPlease see Exhibit #7 proof NEW amount proof we paid cashu201d Now days after I had to pay cash for the RV I received a title made out to Jonathan Cavalea, are you kidding me? Jonathan does not have a license so DMV will not honor this title it needed to be made out to Melissa Cavalea u2026 I called Campingworld and left message for Nicole to have this fixed as of March 27 2019 still no new titles. u201cPlease see Exhibit #8 proof of title made out to jonathan cavaleau201d Camping world, if this is how you train your staff to treat not a 1st time cash buyer not a second time cash buyer but a 3rd time cash time buyer and spending just around $400,000.00 in 36 months at your stores I do not want any part of it for future purchases and just looking at our past it will be in another 24 months. I truly hope I am highly compensated for the way your staff changed the price of the coach from $144,995.00 to $152,135.00 and added $6,500 when we went to finance the new coach 7 days after we signed the deposit slip. In this RV purchase the entire deal was carless and misleading the price of the unit was changed we were charged for amounts that we were never told prior as we would have just put a claim in to our insurance for the body work that needed to be done. I had to be severely inconvenienced as finance had me fill out all the financed documents, then called me Monday saying I needed to go back to camping world 2.5 hours from my home with the $69,000 in a check or they are going to have the RV repossessed HELLO as*holes you have my RV and title and YOU camping world screwed up not doing your due diligence and this is how you threaten me are you kidding this is a sick joke. I have 4 children that are in after school sports and day care there is no possible way I can just drop what I am doing to clean up camping worlds mess. There is a compensation required here and staff that needs to be delt with I am expecting a call and to be compensated for the extra charges.

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