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Camping World Lied about finance charges North Little Rock Arkansas!!. We purchased a travel trailer from camping world about a month ago. We asked for the sales tax to be included and they agreed. Our sales rep. came back on confirmed this and later our finance guy told us this as well. They also told us it would cost $600 to have electric brakes installed on our truck. So, at this point we are looking to finance just over $18,000. $15,900 for the camper, little over $1,500 for the taxes, $600 for the electric brakes, and $129 for some kind of processing fee. We signed the contracts and the grand total appeared to be correct so we signed and took our camper home. When my husband went to get tags on the camper he discovered the sales tax had not been paid. The contract that we have does not break down the items line by line like it should have. When my husband called our finance guy said that taxes were not included and the additional $1,500 was for a $900 transport fee and $600 for the walk through they did with us to show us how everything works. We were never told about the transport fee and we were never told the walk through would cost $600. As a matter fact they very much made it appear as if it was free. Had we known it was $600 we definitely would have opted out. And had there been any mention of a transport fee we would have questioned it. While my husband was discussing this issue with the finance guy he was obviously trying to skirt around talking about the $1,500. My husband had to u201cdo the mathu201d for him to point out that there was $1500 added to the price for u201csomethingu201d, of course we thought all along was for the taxes. It was at this point that he told my husband about the transport fee and walk through fee. I seriously doubt this is the first or last time they have done this.

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