Camping World Review


In October of 2019 I brought my brand new 2020 RV into Camping World of New Port Richey for some minor warranty work. While there, they forgot to close the cabinet door on the kitchen island before closing the slides, breaking the cabinet. Here it is, 4 months later, mid February 2020, and my cabinet still has not been repaired. | Camping World has had nothing but excuse after excuse, and lie after lie as to why this is. First we were told parts were on order. After several weeks, still waiting on parts. Then they received the wrong color. Then they needed measurements. Then waiting on parts. Then again, the wrong color. Even after towing the RV down to them 3 times the repair still has never been done. | The employees genuinely seem to not care about the damage that they have caused or that it has yet to be repaired. I am completely frustrated at this point and have very little faith that they are ever going to make this right. Corporate has reached out after I complained on several social media sites, but they only passed the ball back to the original location that caused the damage to begin with. Back to square one. | Not to mention, that the warranty work that it was originally brought in for, batteries that continually go dead, was never addressed either.


Name: Camping World

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Lincolnshire

Address: 250 Parkway Drive, Ste 270

Phone: 1-800-626-3636


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