Canada Mags Review


This company contacted me about some Magazines and I thought it was a good way to get something for my grandsons for their birthdays. There was supposed to be a one time fee for 3 months and then they would charge me per month after that period. In the period of 2 months they have taken $150.00 out of my bank account which i cannnot affort because i am on a pension. | They said that I had 10 days to cancel this subscription and when I sent an email I got a reply from a non profit organization that was also Canada Magazines. They in turn sent me an email that they were not a part of that company. I sent back asking if they could pass me on to the proper place and they said they couldn’t. So….I called the number on the information that I received in the mail. In the meantime I had not received the introductory gift (a watch) nor any magazines. They replayed only the end of the call that I had received on January 25, which was the part of the conversation that I had agreed to do for payment of these magazines. | When I asked to listen to the whole conversation they said that they couldn’t do that, they could only play the end. I was really pissed off by this time and told them to shove it and immediately went to the bank and cancelled my card and stopped any further transactions. When I told them I was cancelling the whole thing at the bank, they said they would take further action against me to get the rest of the money for the 15 months that they said that I will owe. I told them to go ahead and do what they had to do. Even though it was only $150.00 it’s money that has to do til the end of the month. This really upsets me because I guess that I put trust into things that I shouldn’t be. | Linda Kaulbach


Name: Canada Mags

Country: Canada


City: Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Address: 2864 Victoria Rd

Phone: 902-299-0615


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