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This is a myth … They are only selling information The myth about government grants : Be realistic about Startup financing Great idea, no money and no investors. No problem? Think again. Government grants (money) to start your business is a myth. I think I know where the myth comes from: the www. Companies on the www only sell you a list of addresses to send applications to, nothing more. So, it isn’t a straight lie; there is a list of addresses, but it’s an exaggeration. Governments and foundations occasionally establish programs for stimulating special development goals. There are always larger social goals. Think of it this way: How can a government give away business money except with a social purpose? Government loans are much more common, meaning privileged loans for favored development programs. A lot of agencies will lend money for job creation and related goals. These loans are rarely easy to get, and you still need to meet the underlying goals of the government agencies that set them up.

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