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My co-worker applied for a personal loan to help save her home. Once her application was approved she received the following:REFERENCE# 512-2052REP: Laura Beckham 1-226-920-9516Congratulations!Your loan application went through underwriting successfully, we haveyour terms and conditions available. In order to receive the informationon your loan please contact us 1-226-920-9516Thank you!She forwarded myself the email as I would have followed suit and applied for the same type of loan. As of today May 6th, 2019 the number now states "The number is unavailable" and to Please try again later. This woman is in fear of losing her home over $3500.00. She is going to report this to police but I do feel that other Canadians should know!The photo attached is a forwarded email that was sent to her, stating that she was approved for the loan.

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