Candace Aicher – Anchorage, Alaska Alaska


This girl Candace Aicher, Candace Anthony, now Candace Onofre met my husband last year. She came on to him and he gave into temptation and they ended up having sex multiple times. She knew he was married with a family and she didnít care. He came clean about what happened but this girl was married herself and a mother of 4 children. The only thing Iím absolutely sure of is that Candace is a cheater, liar and a manipulator. Itís so unfortunate that she doesn’t have higher morals especially when it comes to those who she should hold near and dear, her family AND her children… to me itís truly disgusting!! The lies this girl spoke and her actions speak to the morals and values of who she is and what she is capable of doing to those who trust and love her. I have pity for the new guy who is totally in the dark about what kind of person he has married. I do believe in karma and this girl sure has a debt to pay.

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