Candice Tenae Hughes Brown – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


She came to my spouses job last year and I had heard about her before because a close friend/co-worker knew her from her previous location that she flirted with and was extremely close to another co-worker. It was alledged that at best there was a emotional affair there. I had my reservations and they proved to be true. Since she went all the way with my spouse who knows how far she went with that person in 2014/2015. My spouse was at home caring for our new baby and when they went back to work Candice said she “missed my spouse so much she wish that she could hug them”. She then proceeded to dish all her personal drama aka… that her adulterous spouse now has TWO extra kids that are NOT hers and everything about her two teen aged kids and taxi cabbing them around. She then thinks it’s okay to flirt via FB messenger with my husband and ask questions about me knowing full well that THEY ARE BOTH married with kids. She would go out of her way to get my spouse lunch. She asked my spouse if she got a room would they come because her desperate a$$ was tired of car dalliances. She also said she would come to my state as long as she could be near my spouse. She is a miserable person who hurt others because she is a hurt person. She exacted revenge on her spouse ol’ Johnnie because he betrayed her. She is someone my husband would NEVER be seen out in the open with. My spouse only told her that her “brown skin” was beautiful because her spouse cheated with Caucasian women and she is insecure. She is recovering from low self esteem. She is a scorned girl (not woman since she isn’t older than my spouse. She is not so nice and innocent and quiet. She told me she hoped I continued to live in happiness. What does that mean?

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