Candy Hernandez – San Juan, Texas Texas


I’ve been married for 3 years now and I now found out my husband so been having an affair for a few months now with a girl he works with, but as i found out this girl is engaged and her fiance is your husbands friend. I’ve messaged her and told her I knew everything and that if she continued I would tell her fiance thing is that this isn’t the first time she has done this, back in 2010 she was messing around with a married man and she continued it really years until the guy and his wife moved from states. She is know to do this and I feel bad for her fiancee and she even said if I tried telling him, he would never find out because she checks his fb and a hill other social medias, she doesn’t care that I’m pregnant. My husband quit his job and changed his number and even told her in front of me that he didn’t want anything with her and to never contact him again but somehow she got his number. Also her so called fiancee is related to one of the married guys she messed with before. I’m just so tired of her, she even made a fake Facebook and tried adding my husband but he blocked her. Please help should I tell her fiancee?

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