Canvas In House Review


I used Canvas in House back in December with an attempt to purchase a Christmas gift. Canvas did not deliver in terms of their website that all orders ship in 2-4 days after processing payment. I then notified Canvas House to cancel my order per their policy. Sophie (which I’m sure is a bot) resonded to me stating that my order could not be cancelled because it had already been shipped. | After a few emails back and forth, she sent me a tracking number. The tracking information indicated that Canvas in House DID NOT ship my order until 4 days after requesting that it be cancelled. I then asked Canvas in House to send me a prepaid shipping label to return their item once I received it as I no longer wanted it and purchased elsewhere. They refused to send me a shipping label and said I was stuck with the order unless it was not what I ordered. Long story short, I charged it back to my bank. | Fast forward to today, February 12, 2020. Canvas in House thought they were slick and recharged my credit card 2 months later after the bank reversed the charge. This is BLATANT FRAUD and innapropriate usage and unathorized usage of a credit card. I have again called my bank, changed my credit card numbers, alerted the BBB, and will be filing a complaint with both the State of California and the State of Oregon Attorney General (as Canvas in House is misrepresenting their location on several websites giving different states they operate out of). I will also be notifying my State Attorney General of their unfair and illegal business practices. I have contacted paypal to file a formal complaint against their merchant agreement with paypal and am notifying VISA and MC next. | This company is a SCAM and they will straight steal money out of your bank at random times thinking people don’t check their statements. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!


Name: Canvas In House

Country: United States

State: California

City: Rocklin

Address: 1800 Sorrell Cir



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