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Complaint: This breeder Denise Balboni was contacted by my wife in regards to a 2 year old cat and then a kitten. A deposit was put down initially months in advance for a kitten that was not born yet, but it was done in advance so that there could be a first pick of the litter option when available. That was done by check. Went to the house it looks clean, but the kitten that was picked had scabbing on the stomach. When asked what it was, Denise said nothing, that while with the other kittens it could be a cut. Sounded logical at the time, but keep in mind she is a breeder and knows what infectious diseases a kitten may have and what it looks like. Within a day of bringing it home the kitten gave the whole family minus a Jeff ringworm. Vet acknowledged it, family practioners acknowledged it. When a review is brought to Denise’s attention about the kitten getting it, from a family friend (meaning the whole family) she states the review is fake tried to report a picture of what the rash would look like if you catch it (as its off the web md website of what happens to you) she tries to report the picture for nudity. Doesn’t want the picture up. Can only assume it’s because she doesn’t want future buyers to see what this rash can do to them for a month. I got it my wife got it. It was passed to other pets. This woman doesn’t care. She then tries to report our friend for not being real because she didn’t like the 2 star review yet another lady who gave her a 1 star was requesting information that this woman couldn’t supply. Friend had to upload his drivers license to Facebook to prove who he was. Denise believes it’s a whole conspiracy when she gets a review she doesn’t like. She makes stories up when she doesn’t know the facts and she wasn’t aware 4 people plus other pets were affected? She was. Please be advised that you might get a kitten from her that had ringworm and so you should make sure your cat is checked days before you pick up. Other people might not have had an issue, but if you’re paying that type of money you would expect not to catch a rash from your cat. Vet was even aware that this wasn’t right and should have been addressed. Denise doesn’t like things being addressed because she gets defensive and wants the cat back after everyone in the family caught the ringworm. Is she going to pay the other pet bills? No. She in my opinion is misleading in her answers on what that issue was on the cats stomach and she then will report real people who have to prove themselves with drivers licenses on Facebook because she makes up a story. If that’s someone you want to do business with, then take all the precautions.

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