Capital Management Services Review


The same as other comments we have read. They do not use the correct name and or account # to reference, but they may get part of a prior billing company”s name. If you really look at this so called bill, the printing of it also flagged me. And they do not show a correspondence of any type at the bottom of the letter. In Quote the guy I spoke to his name is “Jay Roseboro”. We did not have a bill out with this company, and they are tring to get us for $3809.01. Oh, but don”t worry we can settle for 1333.15 isn”t that nice of them. They may have the last 4 digits of your ss# and some other info but they do not have it all, and don”t tell them what they do have or don”t have that is correct or incorrect. PLEASE BE AWARE!!! and always look things up if you are not sure.

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