Captain Jamie Almada – Fort Knox, Kentucky Kentucky


This Female Army Captain Jamie Almada sleeps with anything that gives her the time of day. Considering ADULTERY with higher ranking officers, is still against military law and has a pretty stiff punishment, it has never stopped this woman from only seeking married superiors at every duty station she has ever been for professional gain. She slept with several enlisted men within her command while she was deployed in Afghanistan, also while she was at Fort Drum, New York she had a lengthy affair with a married major that had 2 children to her just another notch in the head board. She proudly posted on Quora before she went to Korea that her MARRIED BOYFRIEND THAT IS A MAJOR stationed in HAWAII HAD SOME SERIOUS DECISIONS TO MAKE. She had the audacity to stop in Hawaii on her way to her new assignment in Daegu, Korea to get laid while his wife was at home. Well, let’s fast forward to this conniving HOMEWRECKER getting herself onto my husband a LTC 0-5 she worked for… || She invites him to come to her farewell party, getting him on the dance floor rubbing herself all over him. She talks him into going to a bar off post where she gets her claws even deeper, approaches him in the car. After that night she continues to text him messages “WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO ME IF I WAS THERE” and that on a government phone. She shows up at his off base apartment with pizza and wine, needless to say she HAD SEX WITH HIM. She pretty much moves her a$$ into his apartment doing whatever HE WANTS. She asks him daily “Have you asked your wife for a divorce yet?” She turns on every imaginable sick Animalistic endeavor to manipulate him. This HOMEWRECKER doesn’t even stop there, he comes home and unbeknownst to me she already convinced him into coming to Kentucky to see her graduate from a command course for recruiting, and as soon as he got off the plane this desperate woman texted him non stop, needless to say phone records don’t lie… he spent thousands of dollars on that slore, jewelry, flowers, lingerie (more like a tent for her) this sick ***** even had me make the hotel reservations where they had sexual relations for days. This nasty woman targets her superior officers just to get ahead in the military and she surely gives a bad name to all women Officers. She even went as far as to try to look like his wife by coloring her hair blonde, after he told her that he likes blondes.

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