If you have had work done at Car Creations, then you probably already know that Ed Walte is a thief. I bought a car from him; needed a clutch. He supposedly had one already bought for it, so it should have taken a DAY, not a MONTH to do, and the whole month he wouldn’t answer his phone, instead holed up in his shop. Then he refused to find the title for the car for a week. More BS, and I had already paid him for the car and the clutch work. I also did some work for him on two separate occasions, and he baldly refuses to pay me. Silly me, lesson learned.I guess I should have known; anyone with so many outstanding lawsuits he refuses to make good on deserves no business, or friends, since they are far from immune to his misdeeds. By the way, if you sued him and haven’t been able to collect, I happen to know he has a collectible musclecar (’70 Duster 340) and tens of thousands of dollars worth of collectible memorabilia he refuses to liquidate, as well as hundreds of items of varying value he has stolen from customers over the years. I guess he thinks he’s cool getting over on people. So if you have him work on your rig, DOOM ON YOU!!! You will get screwed!!!

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