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car hop & uac sold me a vehicle for 3 times what its worth could have put my money down on a brand new car hayward California!!. i was out of work for three years i had gmc suburban that i paid 8000 but because my spouse at the time drove when i told her not to and got it taken away she screwed up but somehow it as all my fault thats why i needed a vehicle anyhow i was on foot for three years i finally got back to work in early 2018 worked enough to get some wheels but because i didnt think a reputal dealship would deal with me lo and behold i went to carhop was there for like 4 hours had 500 for a down payment all that as on my mind as having wheels so my head wasnt all in the right place if u can dig what im trying to say found out u dont get to pick what u want they pick it out wanted a suv they a few there first they showed as mitsubishi montero they start it up and it sounded like the fan was gonna fly out the front i was told it will go away when warms up take it for a spin came back and i told them no not this one after a brief moment or to of head scracthing well e have a hite out back e will bring that up it sounded allright there was some minor damage on the left rear quarter panel when i came back from test drive i said i will take if the dents get fixed or price cut down i dont even think that came up yet i was told nope we dont wheel and deal that way so 500 down out of 2 suvs iget one with a dent but still the night i got it all i was thinking about was no more walking or buses signed all the papers and took my new ride home after i put gas in it so i figured everything would be cool bi weekly payment comes out my bank card no worrys a few weeks went by got a letter in the mail saying my payment is late and all this s**t was gonna happen to me well i called and told this guy my bi weekly pay is the every 2nd thursday well your down every 1st and third week i asked to change it he said no we cant two weeks went by same thing happened again this time i spoke to a nother person and he said i will go ahead and change that for u for the rest of 2018 and 2018 and 2018 until september 13th not one phone call or mail from uac to bad for me i got laid off on sep.13 i didnt have any money saved allways caught with my pants down and a week went by and then it started where is your payment mr carlotti i got laid off and im waiting for unemployment to kick in they said this wont do i said thats the way it is borrow the money nope all my borrowers are dead so i sasid when u calm down call me back so i had to pay 30 dollars to keepit going to make a long story short from sept till now today 4/5/2018 every to weeks on the first and third week they bug me even though i told over and over and over i dont have money on those days to change the days itn aint happening 3000 to go 0n a 2002 montero for 16,000,00 frieking dollars is that a rip off or what blue book maybe 4000 and its not even 4 wheel drive cant find the price of what they went back then but will post it when i find it i hope someone reads this that can help me and every one else to like some money back would be awsome thanks for the time .

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