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I purchased a Toyota Diesel motor for my 2012 truck from car parts clinic in December 3rd last year. I paid them via wire transfer. The sales rep was Andy. I was told it would take 45 days to get my motor shipped to me from Australia. 4 Months went by and 6 different delivery dates and no engine. Only broken promises. Then a individual identifying himself as the owner of the company as John told me that the engine was lost in shipping and that he would be reordering me a replacement motor. I told him that I was tired of playing this dog and pony show and that I just wanted all my money back. John did not listen and ordered me some junk gas motor for $250 from a junk yard in Washington instead. I had ordered a complete running specific Diesel motor a 1KD-FTD motor with 48K miles on it from Australia for $5, 500. Car parts clinic tried to send me a worthless rusted out not completed worthless not running half junk motor. Complete Fraud. If you go to their website you will see that this is a phony company. They show a building with rack upon rack of car parts, and a yard with all these cars, and a huge smiling staff there waiting to wait on you. This is all fake. The address at 1321 Upland Drive Houston Texas 77043 There is nothing there! No building, nothing but a PO Box! No building, no parts, no staff, nothing. this is all a scam, so please buyer beware!!

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