Car Pros Volkswagon of San Bernardino , 1600 S. Camino Real , San Bernardino CA 92408


Car Pros Volkswagon of San Bernardino , 1600 S. Camino Real , San Bernardino CA 92408 ( A.K.A. : John, ),,, ( A.K.A. Angelica = Breach of verbal promises, California Labor Code: 920 ),, ( A.K.A. Angelica = False Advertising: Calif. Business and Professions Codes: 17200, 17500, 17509. ( A.K.A. Jorge Ramirez : A,K,A False Misleading Information On Car Rental : Violations : Calif. Labor Codes: 1050-1053. ). ( A.K.A . Jorge Ramirez, also know as : A.K.A. UP SALE , On Car Rentals ).. ( A.K.A. Jorge Ramirez : Company w***e , B**** and Lap Dog For Owner )… FIXED ONE THING. I LEFT WITH MORE CAR PROBLEMS. CUSTOMER=( SHEEP TO THE CAR SLAUGHTER ). San Bernardino California!!. I took the car here. Then left with more problems then I initally had. Most consumers don’t know how it works. Cars with lots of miles are targeted. ( Plausable Denibility ). Consumers can’t report this to the : ( Bureau Of Automotive Repair). They take pay off’s or membership fees. This is a conflict of interest. Consumers who report being a victim to : ( Bureau Of Automotive Repair ), Can’t even get a copy of the none invetigation. I’m not the only victim of this car dealership. ( Approximately : 7 have been deleted in the reviews section. Some customers were verbaly promised some thing over the phone. It turned out to be : ( Bait & Switch ). Plus: Breach of a verbal promise. Calif. Labor Code: 920. Another customer was victim to rim damage. As we know they all stick together as usual. Then gang up on a customer. Then use: ( Plausable Denibility ). Calif. 31. ( Aiding and Abbeting ).. Car dealerships do not have : ( Over- Site ),, ( No Transparancy ) Question is why??? We all know if other customers have had previous problems in this bad un-trust worthy car dealership it should be on no surprize there will be more victims. Notice how : Famous Yelp teats victims. Sadly : Yelp places all victims that shared how they were victimized by this piss poor , pathetic , in excusable bad car dealership. The excuse why , Yelp does this to victims of this car dealership: The car dealership is willing to pay the hush money. For : ( Silence Of A Enity , Based On Time Of Discovery : California Government Codes: 911.23 and 911.64 ). Not only is this a very bad car dealership, its located in povery stricken gang invested location. This is how it works on the in side. The victim or customer / consumer arrives with a very simple car problem. Now : The service advisor tips off his boss. The boss tips off the bad mechanics. Now the cars targeted for a car gang rape. Are primarily cars with lots of miles. This is how it works: ( 1.) As the consumer or customer is sitting helpless in the lobby , distracted with what ever, three or four bad evil bad mechanics gang rape the car. You as a victim can’t prove anything. Why? You have no evidence, the bad mechanics just gang raped you’re car. The excuse: ( This was bound to happen sooner or later , plausable denibility ). So you took you’re car here, that you love so much , just to hypothetically change the door trim. Now you’re struts are bouncing up and down. The car is stuttering in the idle position . The car is now shifting properly. Why: Some bad mechanic tampered with the engine control module and the transmission control module. So if you ever have been a victim. We know this is true. The we have anither evil tactic that is often used: ( Up Sale = selling or pursading a customer to get car maintence not even needed. Its only needed after you’re car is gang raped. Then if you have refused the service they told you needed. This is a form of : ( Retaliation for making a complaint: California Labor Code: 6310 ). You as victim get mad. They do not care. All the bad car dealership cares about is milking you out of all you’re money. So this is how a corrupt car dealership works: ( 1.) ( Hourly Mechanic= Paid by the hour. ( 2.) Salary= Paid by the month. ( 3.) Commision, unfortuntetly these are very bad dishonest evil mechanics. No concious. As you are sitting helpless in the lobby these bad mechanics gang up on you’re and deliberately damage all kinds of areas. Even leave you’re at only one quart of engine oil. Why only one quart of engine oil? So you will crack you’re engine block. Why would the commision mechanics do this to you? To milk you out of more money. Also: To over whelm you with lots an lots of car problems. So now that you are over whelmed with car problems they can sent you to car sales to sell you a car. This is to get more money out of you. The elected ledgislators hopefully will pass a mandatory bill or law for new counter measures to prevent commision mechanics from gang rapeing a customer’s car. By making it mandatory that every mechanic working on any customer’s car be video taped. Plus: The customer should be able to get a copy of this DVD. It will have the mechanic introducing his self. Then sharing his California state license number. That is authorizing him to work as a mechanic. Then the exact area where he is working on you’re car. Plus: Video recording of other areas, that will show as evidence, no other people were near you’re car, tampering with anything else. The DVD, will have the date, the time and hour. To include : The day. We need this bill to be turned into a law. To prevent , commision mechanics from gang rapeing customer’s cars. Meaning take away the elements a criminal needs to commit the crime of car vandalsm on a customer’s car or personal property. Personal property is any property that moves. Vandalism is a violation of: California Penal Code: 594. There is only one way to prove that all the employees that work here are honest. The three forms of admisable scientific evidence: ( 1.) No. Lie. M. R. I. This is a very advanced type of technology. It measures brain waves. To determine if the subject that has volunteered to do this test, if the subject is being completly honest. Note: Only those that have worked here in the last five to ten years should be asked if they would like to volunteer for this test. ( 2.) California Evidence Code: 801.70. This is the lie truth serum test. Primarily based on body weight of the volunteered subject. When the volunteered subject is induced, it will place the subject in a concious unconcious state of mind. Called the comfort zone. This way the truth will come out. ( 3.) California Evidence Code: Section: 795. This is hypnosis. By a government or state licesened credible hypnotist. ( 4.) With this : Mandatory Prerequisite: Blood and urine test. ( 5.) The volunteered subject that has been a employee here for the last five or ten years, will provide verbal and written consent to be filmed for all. This includes the volunterred blood and urine test. ( 6.) Then everything will be placed on : You Tube. So mass millions around the world can see and view if the employee has been honest about everything. Example of questions: ( 1.) ” As a employee of this car dealership , have you always been completly honest with all customers about everything “? ( 2. ) ” As a mechanic at this car dealership have you or any co worker ever lied or coerced any customer to pay for car parts or car maintence the customer did not need”? ( 3.) ” As a mechanic at this car dealership , have you or any co workers at any time fixed then deliberately damaged other parts of any customer’s car, with the motive and intent to get more money out of the paying customer “?

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