Car-X CarX, Car X Deceptive misleading mechanics, Costly unnecessary repairs Schaumberg Illinois!!. ( I am the only guy in my family of 6 girls. I have been taking our vehicles to CarX for every problem to get what I thought was good repairs by good mechanics. I can’t believe this happened…) Last week, I noticed a rattling noise coming from underneath my truck. I took my car to CarX. The mechanic gave it a quick test drive and said I needed a new muffler to stop the noise. The cost was 400 dollars. Luckily, they couldn’t fit me in that day so we scheduled for 2 days later. The next day while on break between classes, I took my car to Midas to get a quote on new brakes. I told the mechanic that I already knew I needed a new muffler before he brought it to my attention. When he came back, he asked why I needed a new muffler? I explained the rattling sound. The mechanic said the only thing needed was a new muffler “clip” (20 dollars). He put the clip on and sure enough the rattling sound was gone. Total repair 50 dollars! I couldnt believe CarX wanted to charge me 400 dollars for a brand new muffler I did not need. I went into CarX after school to ask why they would suggest a new muffler when I only needed a clip? The mechanic said the reason was because they didn’t have the “clip” in stock and when they ordered a new muffler, it would come with the “clip” I needed. He stated this as if he were doing me a favor? I can only imagine how many times I took my families car in and how many times we paid for things unnecessary. I thought the 500+ bills were for the quality of repair. Please stay away from CarX…Look at the reviews on Yelp, and the fact that many CarX locations aren’t BBB accredited. I never looked into CarX because I trusted them. Please don’t make my mistake of ever going to CarX again. I’ll post the CarX quote and the Midas receipt as soon as possible, so you can see the visual proof.

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