Cara Incorporated Review


Maybe “everybody” is doing this nowadays, and maybe the amount is too trivial, nonetheless I believe it’s important to report it as a ripoff. | Some years ago, I paid a premium price for two Cara’s premium quality #4 hot water bottles. One of its important features was its lifetime warranty. Of course, the value of such a warranty would depend on its requirements, in this case an obligation to mail any failed product back to corporate headquarters. | Because the original product was genuinely superior to normal store merchandise, when my two finally failed, I found it worthwhile to spend the money and time needed to mail them back. Cara cheerfully replaced them with equal-quality products, which performed well for a few years, then finally failed. Of course I mailed them in. | Imagine my frustration upon receiving back two distinctly inferior quality hot water bottles, packaged as #4 premium! So I called Cara’s customer service to find out what’s going on. At that time the rep told me that they had to change suppliers, but reassured me of the continuing warranty. She said if it fails prematurely she could consider waiving the mail-in requirement. | Well, it did fail prematurely, leaking water all over the bed. So I called her again. This time, she denied ever telling me that. All of a sudden, it was a stone wall. Meanwhile, the benefit of doing a mail-in would be zero because the replacement would also be defective quality. I went over her head and got more stone wall. Perhaps a corporate takeover.


Name: Cara Incorporated

Country: United States

State: Rhode Island

City: Warwick

Address: 333 Strawberry Field Road Suite # 2

Phone: 800-445-2001


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