Cara McClure – Franklin, North Carolina North Carolina


I don’t know if you post pictures on your site but I want to out a homewrecker. Her name is Cara McClure. She has destroyed many relationships including trying to destroy mine. My fiance works at Budweiser of Sylva and this girl is no stranger to these men. She has been with 4 of them that I know of. Including my fiance. I have known about it for about a week now. I had another woman who’s ex works for Budweiser come forward and tell me about this trashy girl! She did the same thing to her. I have confronted my fiance and found plenty of evidence on his phone. He admitted to it being a bet between him and all of his buddies at work to see how many of them could actually get her to sleep with them. He denies any evolvement with her other than flirting with her via fb. I just don’t know if I trust him. If everyone else has done her, what makes him any different if I found evidence on his phone. Just a fair warning ladies in surrounding counties in N.C. Better watch your partner because she has no problem being a home wrecking whore especially if they wear a Budweiser uniform. I have never met this girl but I would like too. She has caused so much turmoil in my relationship I’m not even sure I can go through with my wedding. I just don’t understand how sluts like her can sleep at night. Especially knowing you are sleeping with men who are already claimed! Find your own man!! I guess this trash is OK with being the Budweiser go between.

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