Caravan Hotel Properties LLC Review


Hi My name is Carlos, and my bother in laws are small cabinet maker. Ansu hired us to build booths for his restaurant called Tabla. Ansu Jain is a crooked businessman. He impressed us by talking big about him and his hotel, this man is a crook and he fooled us saying he is a man of his word. His shake hands means a lot to him. We trusted him and worked and installed those white booths in his restaurant. He never paid us our balance $ 4000 . He does not pick up his phone. He gives us false promises. Please do not trust this man. He is con and crooked man. For money he will do any thing to cheat you. Hope this will help you . Please beware of him Carlos


Name: Caravan Hotel Properties LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Orlando

Address: 5827 Caravan Ct

Phone: (407) 581-5041


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