This company supposedly verifies the giftcards that they sell, but the one I received was never activated. It was a BevMo gift card, but when I tried to use it, they said it had a zero balance (it was supposed to be $100). When I called the BevMo customer service, they said that the card was never even activated – meaning it was never legitimately sold in the first place. So somewhere along the supply chain, the card was taken without consent and sold through supposedly verifies all their giftcards, but if that were true, they either knowingly sold a giftcard that was never activated, or they are lying and did not verify it. Either way, it is proof they are not honest and buyers should be aware of doing business with them. When I tried to contact their customer service, they just ignored me and stopped responding.
Looking at the BBB reviews on this company, it seems they have a lot of negative reviews and don’t give a crap about one more bad review.

For anyone that’s been duped by this company, these are the steps that I’m taking to try to get my money back. Hopefully it might help others from getting scammed, or apply sufficient pressure on the company to resolve these issues. If not, hopefully they will go out of business and will stop scamming people out of their hard earned money.

– DOCUMENT all communications with this company – don’t take them at their word on anything they tell you over the phone.
– Make an effort to reach out and resolve the issue – who knows, you might get lucky.
– If they ignore you or stop responding, file a complain with the BBB, and other scam-watch websites, like the
– File a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).
– File a complaint with your local District Attorney
– File a complaint with the Windsor, NJ District Attorney
– If the transaction involved shipment of stolen goods shipped through the US Postal Service (as was the case in my situation), it’s possible there may have been federal mail fraud statutes that were violated. Credit card fraud across interstate commerce may also be a federal crime as well. I believe the FBI would be the correct agency to contact in such cases.
– Write to your local Congressional representative to let them know about what’s going on, and ask them to follow up and intervene on your behalf. One of the little-known duties of Congressional representatives are to REPRESENT their constituents on various matters of government. For cases such as this, where their constituents are getting swindled by shady out-of-state characters, their office can send letters to the DA, FTC, FBI, and/or other organizations and ask them to look into the matter. A letter from members of Congress will NOT go unheeded by these governmental organizations. And they WILL take action and report back. Especially if they are receiving multiple requests from different Congressional members about the same scammer, they will probably start a special task force to make sure they do a thorough job of investigation.
– File for damages in local small claims court, and if possible, look for an attorney that may be willing to take the case as a class action lawsuit. Considering the number of reported complaints, I think there will be PLENTY of people that will sign up.

Companies like this almost certainly are counting on the fact that most people will not go through the hassle of following up on all these steps. But even if a few people do so, it can really make a big difference. They know that people who buy discounted giftcards are looking for a deal, and sometimes may not have the means to pay full price. They are counting on the fact that they are tired from working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. They are COUNTING on the fact that most people will choose to just eat the loss, rather than take the steps necessary to stop despicable characters like these. They need to be STOPPED, and if appropriate, LOCKED UP BEHIND BARS so they can’t continue to defraud the public. If you feel that you’ve been taken advantage of by these people, PLEASE do everything you can to try to get your money back and STOP them from hurting others.. I demand 91.5. Stay away

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