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This place is technically run by a borderline personality who goes by the name of Corrie Sloan. A power hungry manipulator who stops at nothing to get the most financial benefit from any transaction she can. She is about money and she will do anything to get it or to avoid being caught defrauding the payers or presenting a facade of a program. | It has taken me a few days after getting home to realize the extent of the insanity at this place in Beverly Hills CA. I now see that places such as CareForward and AboveitAll are milking the insurance companies for thousands of dollars in services that are substandard, neglectful and just plain incompetent. | I traveled from Virginia to lake Arrowhead for what I thought was a great program. Halfway through the program they told 15 women and myself living in the mountains of San Bernardino that we needed to pack up within a couple of hours and that we were moving to Los Angeles. They gave us two hours to do it. | I have spoken to a professional who told me that to do this is abusive to the clients and done just to benefit the agency as they claim that they were shutting down the women’s program. They moved us into a cramped building in Beverly Hills where we barely fit and gave us cheap salads for lunch while we sat in a group room for up to 8 hours a day. Most people were detoxing and they were going through physical pains and discomfort and they were not appropiate for this Partial Hospitalization Program they brought us to. The following is a list of abuses and defrauding going on there; | They urine tested people 2-3 times a week for no reason at all. just to charge insurance companies. | 80-90 people packed in about 1000 square feet building monday through friday | They moved the IOP people to another location for two days while an audit of the place was being done by JHACO, an accreditation agency. This way the Accreditation people would not see we were packed in like sardines. | They plan to change the name to Life Uncommon to once again lose any signs of impropiety. These people will stay on the move and changing names of facilities while they defraud a ton of money from insurance companies. | The sober living homes we lived in included places with a barn with no plumbing or heating( its winter there right now) | Care Forward was paying some resident’s insurance policies even after the resident couldnt afford it so they( Care Forward) could keep billing the insurance companies for services. | Sober LIving Homes contracted were not supplying food and in some cases even toilet paper for the residents in spite of the insurance companies paying a lot of money for the care. | I would seriously suggest to anyone looking for a treament facility to stay away from Care Forward, Above it All and Life Uncommon as they would be getting substandard services by a agency headed by a woman with a serious personality disorder. Stay Away

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