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I write this report on behalf of my elderly parents. Careington International Corporation, aka HealthcareOne contacted them at the end of December of 2008, offering discount dental and prescription drug coverage. As senior citizens, and in today’s economy, any help covering costs is welcome. The company made their sales pitch, and my parents fell for the scam, making a credit card payment of $39.95 that night. nMaterials from Careington/HealthcareOne, such as cards and written information, arrived in my parents’ mail mid-January 2009, about 15 days after payment was made. nWhat the company did not report to my senior parents is the fact that the nearest provider honoring the discount dental program was over 75 miles away! Because of this, the member cards my parents received from Careington/HealthcareOne were never activated, as my parents had no intention of using a service which did not deliver on its promises. nThey were given a 30-day period, from the date of receipt of materials, to look over the policy/agreement. Once they realized they would have to invest significant time and money from their fixed social security income in order to travel a great distance to the nearest provider, they decided to opt out of the program. nMy mother contacted the company by telephone in early February, well-under the 30-day deadline for refund. She was told there would be no refund, in spite of the company’s criminal misrepresentation, misleading my parents to believe this discount service was popular and would be honored by dentists in their area. Numerous attempts have been made by my parents to recover money taken from them. nAt the time of this writing, the company continues their fraud and refuses to refund their money. My parents have decided to report this matter to everyone possible in order to spread the word: Stay away from Careington International Corporation aka HealthcareOne! nThis matter will be taken to every consumer and government agency having relevance to matters such as this, including the courts! I would urge anyone else having a similar dilemma with this or any other company to do the same. Good luck! nMplslocalnMinneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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