CareMed Pharmaceutical Services Complaint


Be careful working for this pharmacy. Patients may enjoy the services they get but don”t be fooled- the pharmacy only cares about turning a profit. The other review was right- their techs lie to get approvals, sometimes posing as doctor”s offices. The copay assistance program forges doctor”s signatures and cut corners to get copay assistance from patient assistance foundations. Employees get screwed on their vacation and days off (like saying they”re open during blizzards so they make workers use up their personals). They act like they are a big corporation but they are just a wannabe- it”s a pharmacy for crying out loud. Employees get written up for every little thing like having someone talk to your manager about being sick and not physically telling him yourself. They are very demanding and even the managers are really stressed and have had breakdowns. Their pay is very low and the average workday is 9 and a half hours with a half hour lunch, which most people don”t use or eat at their desk WHILE WORKING. They say they are the highest paying pharmacy (compared to Duane Reade and CVS). The lower level workers get blamed for everything and don”t trust anybody- the employees look out for themselves and will backstab you. It doesn”t matter how good of a worker- make one little mistake and they will hang you dry. No employee will tell you that it is a good place to work, if they are they”re lying. Most of the management are the owner”s close friends and family- which is why some of the management is incompetent and downright disrespectful. I witnessed several people getting fired abruptly for no just reason. They are severely understaffed and higher ups are extremely stingy to hire more people, and would rather overwork their staff. I am thinking of leaving soon when I find a better job in this economy

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