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Hey guys, I was also approached by a big scammer whose name is Anita Wong as stated by the scammer. He contacted me through Facebook dating initially. Her email address is “[protected]” and her contact number as stated is +[protected]. Here are the following details which she wrote to me via email:- Day 1:- Hello! I am Anita Wong, residing in London but came into Malaysia over a week and some days now, i will be travelling back tonight and intend to come over to Malaysia later this month for Investment. So i want to get to know you more so we can be friends if you wish.. I’m mixed not a pure Chinese. Nice knowing you Day 2:- Good to hear from you again. Too bad it seems like you have not been reading my emails properly because i have told you lots and lots about myself from my second letter till present. Guess your weekend was fulfilled. I’m about to start my day now and want to get busy.. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great week ahead.. Day 3:- How are you doing today my dear? It was so wonderful to read your email knowing that you care so much about me tho you didn’t send your photo as requested in my previous email…I CARE SO MUCH hon …thank you so much for coming into my life…i have never been this happy before in my life…you are such a wonderful caring man that i want to be with…Baby. I want to surprise you my love..I want to send you a very nice gift as an appreciation for our friendship/relationship…to show you how much I love you and how happy you make me…you are about to receive a wonderful package from me.. dear. i felt like flying down to Malaysia because every time I read your email. I feel touched and new in my heart.. I need you to advice me on the area you want me to buy the house, i have made up my mind to buy a house in Malaysia so i need you to help me get a house that i can buy. Also you will have to advice me in your next email the kind of business i can invest on in Malaysia..if you find a house for me please send me the photo of the house…I CARE SO MUCH DEAR Love always Day 4:- How are you doing today honey? i hope great. Send me your personal details, your full name, your full house address and your mobile or contact number that i will use to send you the package gift to Malaysia. hope to hear from you soon. This is my mobile number again if you wish to confirm any thing from me about the gift call me on +[protected], please my dear try your best to be very honest with me. I want you to help me get the house that i will buy, i will be coming to Malaysia soon. As for the house i want a landed property, a double storey building with at least three bedrooms, a sitting room and a very good car park at a very comfortable location in Malaysia. Hope to hear from you soon, if there is any thing you wish i should add to the gift for you just inform me in your next email to me…i will be expecting the details which i requires from you to enable me to send the gift …By the way what is your shoe size and shirt size?…Just send me the information below: FULL NAME: FULL ADDRESS: HAND PHONE NUMBERS: Email: Hugs and kisses baby… Day 5:- Hello honey, how are you doing and the weather over there? I have already sent the package gift. It will arrive Malaysia by Friday. Later this evening i will be embarking on a journey to Norway for a business seminar that will last for 2 weeks. After which i will be coming over directly from Norway to be with you in Malaysia regarding all plans as discussed. As soon as i arrive Norway later today i will give you a call or email you. Hope to hear from you soon. Hugs and Kisses.. Day 6:- Hello honey, how are you doing and the weather over there? I have tried calling you yesterday no luck and i tried calling you few minutes ago but you didn’t pick up and i felt very bad because i wanted to hear your voice and to also inform you when the package will arrive Malaysia.. Good afternoon my darling, i am in Norway dear for the business seminar/training as i told you before.. So sorry i didn’t send you the information earlier on hun i was very tired yesterday and slept off after the company gave me all necessary info’s. This is my lunch hour for the 1st segment of the seminar now so i have to rush and send you the information that is needed for you to claim the package because by tomorrow the package will arrive Malaysia. I just want to tell you what is inside the package i sent for you via CARGO FORCE SECURITY DELIVERY, dear inside the package i put the sum of 350, 000 Pounds inside 2 brown envelope to purchase the property and any investment that i will embark on, my hand luggage, a model Ipad 4, a wrist watch and bracelet, IPhone X, flowers, my sexy pictures, IPod music player, David Beckham Perfume and Manchester United jersey. Darling you will take from the 350, 000 Pounds and get a nice car am going to use (Honda or Toyota Camry will be okay) honey please you also book a five star hotel and keep the balance of the money in your account for my expenses when am in Malaysia.. Dear you have to take some money inside from the brown envelope and buy some of the things you know i will need in my hotel room i will stay when i come over. i hope you understand me? Please as soon as you receive the package from the security company just let me know so that we make more plans because i really want to enjoy myself and have a nice time in Malaysia with you. Honey the name of the delivery company is CARGO FORCE SECURITY COMPANY. And here is the security confidential number that you will quote when the agent will arrive your address GPAT/MLY/072. Take note this is not a tracking number but confidential secret number which you need to show to the agent They will deliver the package to you by Friday 1st of November.. Sweetheart please as soon as you receive the package Pls email me..ok?.. honey i wish you are right here to massage me and keep me warm because the weather is cold over here due to the rainfall. Can’t wait to be in Malaysia honey…Muuuuaah.. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!. Day 7:- Hello honey, i have tried calling you twice and you are not taking your calls. Please do not tell anyone about the package because i don’t want anybody to steal my money when the package arrives your address. Please do not inform anyone and keep it as a secret. I will email you again when am less busy or call you after the first segment of the seminar.. These are the above messages sent by the scammer pretending to be my beloved girlfriend or God knows what else. Thank God I explored online and came to know about this scam and fraudulent stuff being done by such guys. Guys, please don’t respond or don’t fall in trap to such kind of offers or scam as IF ANYTHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN ITS DEFINITELY A SCAM. SO BEWARE GUYS. Also attaching the screenshot of the so called airway bill document sent by the scammer. Team, requesting you to please take the necessary strict action against this scammer and stop the scammer from trapping anymore innocent people.

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