Carl Fletcher – Dearborn Heights, Michigan Michigan


This is my husband Carl Fletcher Since you did not give AF about my feelings let me return the favor. Now I can back all my shit can you back your lies when your family and friends start talking about you since you care what other people think now it is time for you to man TF up!!!!!!!!!!!! The Leo coward as a lion!!!!!!!!!!!! This b**ch gone call me cause his mistress called him crying about her post. B**ch you had no problem f**king my husband so deal with the fall out. This low down dirty MF not only cheated on me, he has been cheating for years while still living with me. When I asked if he wanted a divorce he said no, but now that he has gotten caught and his girlfriend kicked him out because she got embarrassed on social media. When he got caught once again this time his girlfriend posted a picture and the MF still lied. You made a mess of your marriage and your life and Jennifer’s life… you did, not me. You only have yourself to blame player. You f’d up your home for a piece of ass. All because you wanted to see if you still had it. Well now you know and it cost you your family. Now do you feel my pain? Can you hear me now!!!!!!!!!!!

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