Carli Foley Review


This report about Carli Foley is strictly my opinion based upon a business interaction that I personally had with her earlier today. Since she seems to enjoy undeservedly bashing small businesses such as mine on Yelp, I would consider her to be an internet roll and a social media terrorist, as well as a rotten and deadbeat customer. | When I called her and identified myself, she immediately hung up on me. I called her back and asked her the reason for the disconnect and she yelled because you are an a**hole and I hung up on you, that’s why! What a lousy temperment this angry little millenial child has, She needs to be kept on a leash if she intends on going off on people as she did to me. | Carli, why are you resquesting online internet quotes from people and providing your real phone number if you are going to react in such a hostile manner when they call you to discuss business? Shame on you you loser! | I feel as though I am doing every small business out there a huge favor by alerting them to the horrible temperment displayed by Carli Foley and I warn them that if they get on her bad side as I apparently did, she might resort to writing sleazy venom spewing and mud-slinging reviews about their businesses on that site for idiots known as Yelp. | Heaven help anyone who has to deal with this rotten deadbeat customer Carli Foley!


Name: Carli Foley

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Bensenville


Phone: 708-323-0721


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