Carlos Rivero Review


Yung King Entertainment and its supposed owner Carlos Rivero shouldnt be aloud to have there music going into the ears of younger kids. I use to Work With this joker until he disrepected me and my family. He made Fun of my friend for being gay when he did nothing to deserve it. This person is the deffinition of terrible human being. He does not care about anyone but him slef and uses everyone to get what he wants even his own family. He promotes the use of herion and hard core drugs and his only fan base are people aspireing to be just like him. He is not someone you want to be in business with he will screw you the second he gets a chance. Yung King Entertainment isnt even a real Business he does not own the rights to it nor does he own the rights to his “Beats” He stole them from another producer and claimed ownership. A Court date is being set to handle the matter. How ever He is still walking around the streets of denver Shaming gay people and selling his drugs to younger kids who go to his show. | If you have a Heart help me put a stop to this and contribute a Message on here or send in your own report we must not allow him to keep doing this to people and causing destruction in our community


Name: Carlos Rivero

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Denver

Address: 1420 South Holly Street



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