Carman Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Complaint


Brought my 1999 Chrysler 300M, with no other major problems in years, to Carman Dodge Service Center because the gauges would drop to zero while the car was running and driving at regular speed (still drove fine). Also, started having starting problems. Already know that it will need to be on a machine to get the diagnostic codes to indicate the problem. Service Managers and Technicians indicate, “don”t want to throw parts at the car guessing what the problem is.” Well, after a “110% ” verbal guarantee from the mechanic, that it is a SYM part issue, and a $281.00 bill, the car still has the same issue. The car doesn”t start right at the dealer after paying the bill! So back to the drawing board and we hand them the keys again. Mechanic now states, again “100% sure” it is the PCM. Indicates it will cost $1, 100.00 for the part alone. My husband gets a good working part from a 1999 Chrysler 300M for much less, brings it to the mechanic. Mechanic doesn”t even put the part in the vehicle, stating that that is not the problem based on the testing machine. May be the BCM now, and that part is $440.00. My husband has taken the car out of the dealer when they get it to start long enough to drive home without working gauges(battery was dead due to leaving lights on and we had to get a jump right at the dealer!). We can guess for much less money at home at this point. Carman Dodge doesn”t feel that the “wrong” part put in (that they guranteed was the problem), installed that did not change the car one bit is not their responsibility and we need to eat that $281.00 cost. Will offer a credit for the separate $91.00 charge for the machine, which we are willing to pay, since that would be the indicator machine with the codes of what is wrong with the car. We have about 6 Chrysler vehicles and if this is not rectified and made right, we will never buy another Chrysler product EVER AGAIN!!! Thank you.

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