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On June 12, 2003, my wife and I purchased a used 2000 Dodge Durango (VIN#1B4HS28N4YF300655) from the Laurel, MD Carmax superstore. In early November of 2003, we reported to Carmax multiple mechanical failure problems with this vehicle that needed to be immediately repaired/addressed. Although the earliest appointment was made for December 19, the vehicle was delivered to the Carmax service department on December 17, 2003 as the nature of the failures did not permit safe operation of the vehicle. The vehicle was returned to us on the evening of December 24, 2003, but was promptly returned to Carmax a few days later due to additional mechanical failures. The mechanical failures include, but are not limited to, brake, electrical system, and steering problems. This includes intermittent and unpredictable locking of the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. It was determined by Carmax of Laurel that there did not exist a documented repair procedure for the steering wheel locking. The brake defects and other mechanical problems have not been spoken to in juxtaposition to the un-repaired problem with the steering wheel. In light of the multiple mechanical problems with the vehicle, Carmax of Laurel agreed that the return of the vehicle to us was not in the best safety interest my 7 month old daughter, 4 year old son, myself, and/or my wife. At this time, Carmax of Laurel continues to wait for a response from their corporate office regarding the feasibility of a vehicle buy back by Carmax, at the original purchase price. Ed 21144, MarylandU.S.A.

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