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Complaint: I purchase a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT from CARMAX in Stockbridge, GA and my sister co-signed for me to get the loan. All the paperwork had to be forwarded to my sister for signature. After that paperwork came back and was file in the system I then was able to do my paperwork for my extended warranty and it was forwarded to my sister again for signature. A week after I signed my paperwork I deployed to Kuwait. I was told by my sales representative that once my sister returns the paperwork back I would get my account number so I could make my monthly payment. After 2 weeks passed by I called Carmax and I was informed that somekind of way my paperwork got lost in the mail and they had to call the corporate company to see if there was a waiver that could be done because it was beyond the 30 days to purchase the extended warranty. I feel that this is a bunch of crap because I did what I needed to do in the time allowed to purchase the extended warranty. Now I have been penalized because it never made it back to Carmax and they did not keep a copy of the paperwork that I signed before I deployed to Kuwait. I have been calling back and forth from Kuwait trying to get my extended warranty and no one at Carmax seems to give a d**n about taking care of me as a customer. I was told that my sister did not send the paperwork back by fedex and it got lost. I find it very strange that this paperwork got lost in the mail if it send back to Carmax in the envelope that they provided with their return address. This company has showed very poor customer relation. Once they get what they want out of you they don’t give a d**n about what is right. I had no control of me being deployed and not they have just dropped my case because it is my lose and not theirs. I would recommend that people be very careful when dealing with CARMAX because they DO NOT own up to their name. Lori Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Warranty

Address: 3100 Mount Zion Parkway Stockbridge, Georgia U.S.A.


Phone: 770-506-8484

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