Carmen Acreman – Daphne, Alabama Alabama


This is Carmen Acreman. She has no job,  no car, and apparently no life. We met her through the best man in our wedding because they were dating. A few years later they started hanging out behind my back. I found out because I found naked pictures of her on his phone. When I confronted her about this her response was “I send naked pictures to all my guy friends” and that “she’s known him way longer then I have”(although I’ve known my husband way longer then her and we all met her at the same time).  She was doing drugs while she told me this while her children were sleeping in the house. She had lines of adderral on her table and a bottle of liquor in her hand. She knows that he’s married to me and that we have a child together. She even comes into my work to this day as if she’s proud of the fact that she tried to sleep with my husband. It makes me sick to my stomach. She has shown no remorse and even tried to get me fired from my job because of when I confronted her about what happened at her house (in a peaceful way). I’ve had enough. Everyone should know. She’s a true definition of a home wrecker and a drug addict. She needs to start taking care of her kids and stop trying to sleep with every man she meets.

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