Carnival Cruise Lines Lake Pleasant Massachusetts Review


Dear Carnival, nI am writing because we recently went on a cruise aboard the Fantasy cruise ship. Our booking numbers are 40RRD6 and 40RRH8. nI cannot express my frustration and disappointment enough. This was our first cruise ever and it was by far the worst vacation we have ever taken. nWhen I made the reservation back on October 12, 2013, I stated to the reservation person at Carnival that we needed connecting rooms due to the fact that we were traveling with two minor children and because one of them has Type 1 Diabetes and her sugar needs to be checked a couple of times during the night. She and I are also Celiac and cannot have gluten. Our family is gluten free due to this. I was assured that Carnival could accommodate ALL of this. nOur experience started on February 18 upon boarding the ship. We were unable to eat ALL DAY because the lunch served on the Lido deck was buffet style and all fryers were communal, meaning they fried the breaded chicken in the same fryer as the french fries. Since the general population isn’t educated people were using the same tongs for the chicken as the french fries and other items in the buffet. This results in cross contamination. We asked for help and no one seemed to know what to do except tell us that at dinner we would be able to eat. nWe then go down to our rooms when we are allowed only to find out that we don’t have connecting rooms and that there is a fire station between the rooms, which I might add doesn’t show up on the ship’s map that I checked to see where our rooms were. I immediately went to the guest services desk and spoke with Supervisor Giedre only to be told the ship was full and there was nothing she could do. I asked her to see if she could move someone and her first reply was, “yes

you can ask someone””

then my husband replied to her

“”that’s not our job that’s yours.”” She agreed to

but stated

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