Carnival Murrayville Georgia Review


What a total disappointment. I was a first time cruiser but long time traveler. It all started with our luggage. It finally got to our room and one bag had been totally mangled. I filled out a report. We’ll see what happens. But they also brought us the wrong bags. We were told by the luggage handler, it wasn’t his problem, that it had the right room on it. So we told the purser. They did nothing. 3 days later when I went down there, they came and got it, and blamed it on me. This was nothing. Same day, we returned to our room, and it was wide open with noone around. We had to find a steward, who immediately jumped on me about the missing bags. Turns out they stole money and diamond earrings out of our room, and blamed us for leaving them in my wifes purse. My bill at the end? 3900.00 not including what I paid to take the ride on the boat. All total 5100.00 for the worst honeymoon you could imagine. I tried to dispute the charge but due to the Sign and Sail program. We couldn’t dispute it. Amazing how they make sure they get their money…but don’t care about their employees stealing from you. Holiday is a nasty boat…old, and gross. Our pillow cases were yellow and stained. Their was dried up semen on the floor, Oh yeah…and they don’t mind leaving your door open for whomever to come in. I will dedicate my life to ruining whats left of their business. I have the time…and the money. nScottnMurrayville, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Mobile Al. Mobile, Alabama U.S.A.


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