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Carnival paradise was the worst cruise we have ever been on. My final concern to carnival was to get reimbursed for the liqour they packaged and sealed for transport bought on ship. I was told since I didn’t purchase a 60 dollar per person insurance I couldn’t be reimbursed for the discounted alcohol of $34. Plus they told me I should have opened the sealed package and asked someone to wrap it better. I didn’t complain about the food that was served everyday…just hotdogs and hamburgers..most of the buffet lines weren’t ever open.. .they claimed they didn’t have anyone to work it. I didn’t complain about the dirty dished, the cold hot tub, the lack of deck events during the whole cruise. Nor did I complain about the fact we arrived back at port 2.5 hours late due to a propella breaking. We were rushed to get to our flight immediately after docking…with all these problems… I think find my clothes soaked in liquor, my iPad soaked, my child’s $70 inhaler, which I must put hase again, 2 suits, and a load of other things in my bag. Can I believe their only interest out of all these mistakes and horrible services, they only wanted me to spend more money on their insurance. If u book a cruise stay away from the paradise…it was a dead cruise…as a matter of fact just book another cruise line…be sure to check who owns the line…they have several.

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