Carol Ann Nevarez and Albert Parra – Las Cruces, New Mexico New Mexico


My husband Albert Parra met his mistress (Carol Ann Nevarez) at work. I could tell she had a thing for him but she was so hideous I never felt threatened. I found out they went to lunch once and told my husband that it was inappropriate and that his coworkers would assume more was happening… I found out much later that they went to lunch daily, but lunch usually was a blow job or nooner in the NMSU parking lot! One day I came across his cell phone records and found that he spoke to her at least 15 times a day for an average of an hour to an hour and a half! He came home and I asked to use his phone and called this mysterious number that occupied his day, it was non other that that of Carol Nevarez, a nurse at the Student Health Center at NMSU where my husband had worked. My husband and her had been reprimanded at work for inappropriate behavior at the work place and later he was fired from that job! That didn’t stop them!! They would lie about working late to meet for a quickie at the nearest parking lot. When I found out about the affair, my husband came clean about his relationship with her. He told me that Carol asked him if he wanted to see her tattoo one day on a lunch excursion and that is what lead to their first hook-up. Then he started coming home and starting arguments with me to make him feel better about being unfaithful. If he couldn’t get a rise out of me he would start picking on my 15 year old son because he knew that would get me to argue back! Then he would go to her and tell her how unreasonable I was and she would console him and tell him that he deserves better. She would tell him that she would never treat him that way or yell at him. She would tell him that I was lucky to have him and didn’t appreciate him. Carol liked to make him believe he was the smartest and most amazing person, he said to me that every man needs to hear that. Albert told that they had this game they played where she would ask them if they were having lunch or LUNCH! Since they were at work the majority of the time they were intimate, they had to be creative. Albert told me they had sex in the yoga room at NMSU (where he worked) at the NMSU campus, a condemned building that was being treated for asbestus, their offices at both the NMSU Health center and activity center, basically any sleazy place that would afford them minimal privacy. I guess the favorite place was in his truck and her car in broad daylight in various parking lots at work. We tried to reconcile but she bought him a private phone so her number didn’t show up on our bill. My 12 year old daughter found this phone! When we were going to marriage counseling, he was such a good liar he even fooled the pastors at our church! She ruined not only the lives of me and my two children but the lives of her husband and two kids as well! Recently my daughter saw her at a football game and she decided to stare her down in front of my daughter’s friends, I guess as a means of showing who was really important to her dad! This woman has no remorse for breaking up two homes or hurting my children! She called my soon-to-be ex husband and told him I was calling her from work and threatening her, I was at home with my son the entire afternoon and couldn’t possibly have called from a work number. She is a liar and a filthy adulterous! She has no idea that her 5 plus years have landed her lover into horrible debt and ruined his credit because he spends the majority of his money on her. I had to have child support garnished from his check because he goes on trips with her and was late or short on his child support. Her divorce is almost final now but mine is dragging out, the two of them think that he deserves it all. I worked to put him through school for almost two years while he had no income, the two of them want to leave me with nothing. I hope that every person she knows, personally or professionally, knows just what kind of horrible person she is! I hope that every woman who has a husband knows what she is capable of. I hope that one day she suffers consequences for her filthy, disgusting acts of adultery.

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