Carol Coghill Rodriquez – Pennsauken, New Jersey New Jersey


I was married for 21 years. Have 2 kids. One adopted, one biological after 18 years of infertility. We moved to NJ from Florida so my husband’s family could be with our kids. Not even two years later, my life and my kids were conpketely shattered by my now ex-husband and his homewrecking whore. She knew we were married as she was my brother in laws nurses aide. Her name is Carol Coghill Rodriquez of Pennsauken NJ. She was also married with two kids. one from a previous marriage. She while sleeping with my husband and I not knowing it. Acted like nothing was going on. He told me later she initiated and paid for the whole affair including hotel rooms. But they mostly had sex in her Suzuki Vitari (small car). || He then proceeds to tell me he never intended on divorcing me, just having sex with her. She uses her home health care job to lure men. My ex has lied about her for years to me and my son. Claiming he didnt care about the b*tch. His name is William David Smith Jr of Woodbury NJ. Also a deadbeat dad. When my son comes to visit, she hides at her moms. The whore is so nasty. She will obviously sleep with anyone. My ex and her deserve each other. He will cheat on her, has already tried to with me this past summer. If i wasnt so repulsed by him, I might of just to pay her back. But the nasty whore can have him. She has already been sleeping around. Never in my life met anyone so nasty. She is repulsive. I’m good with my life now because obviously I got the best part of him and that is my 5yr old son. So good luck losers.

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