Carolina Magnussen Fort Lauderdale Florida Review


Do not rent an APT from Carolina Magnussen of Be Easy LLC In a nutshell she and her boyfriend Hans Bez run a rental scam as verified by neighbors. No one ever completes a lease at their rental units in Fort Lauderdale. They rent out collect first last and security and terminate the lease a few months later for bogus reasons. I myself had this problem I gave them the rent check.. In the mailbox and informed them I had left payment.. I had seen them a few days later and nothing was said.. A day or two after that I got served with an eviction notice and they claimed they never got the rent check.. I called them with no response back even offering a cashiers check that I would hand deliver to them just in case the check got blown away that I dropped offto them and got no response.. I quicky cancled the check i had written in case it was stolen. I never got a response from this person at all so I just moved.. I was told by neighbors that this is the way they normally do business they get first last and security and after about 3 month toss the tenant out and do it all over again.. Do not fall prey to Hans Bez Or Carolina Magnussen. No Tenant ever complets a lease with them

2601 NE 27 TERRACE Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

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