Carolina Muscle Cars, LLC CMC and Louis D. Secari


Carolina Muscle Cars, LLC (CMC) and Louis D. Secari Lou D. Secari Classic Muscle Cars, LLC and Louis D. Secari Lou D. Secari Interstate Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices, Extortion and more……. Apex North Carolina!!. I, (D.H.) entered into a legal and binding Buyers Sales Contract with Carolina Muscle Cars, Inc. and the Dealer accepted all terms and conditions and was also was bound to the contract dated 03/15/2019. I dealt directly with the Dealership Owner, Louis D. Secari (hereinafter called “The Dealer”) on 03/15/2019 and as part of the contract I traded a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (62 years old Antique) traded AS-IS plus an agreed upon difference paid by me of $11,799 cash which was wired by me to the Dealers Business Account with the car I purchased being a 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster also being sold AS-IS except as represented as an older fully restored “Remarkable” car that was part of a private collection car that was advertised on many web sites as a fully restored T-bird that ran great and looked just as “Remarkable”. The 1957 Bel Air was in fact picked up by the transport company at my residence hired by “The Dealer” and my T-bird was to be picked up and transported to me within a day or two of when the Bel Air was released by me to the Dealers transport carrier. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN AS PROMISED AND ASSURED TO ME BY THE DEALER. Instead the Dealer made excuses as to why the transport of the T-bird was being delayed because supposedly the original transport company had trucking issues so he,(the Dealer) had to hire someone else. The fact is the 57 Bel Air arrived at the Dealers before the T-bird was picked up at the Dealers and I now believe and the facts now prove that the Dealer was delaying the transport of the T-bird until after he received the 1957 Bel Air so he could inspect it and then renegotiate a deal agreed to and finalized. Upon the delivery of the 1957 Bel Air to the Dealer ,the owner, Lou D. Secari called me and said that he was disappointed the Bel Air and it wasn’t as he expected and he said he was either going to revoke and cancel the finalized sales contract and send back the Bel Air and/or he ultimately demanded an additional $4,000 before he would release the T-bird. I feel as if I was being blackmailed and extorted out of an additional $4,000 by someone who wanted to increase his profit margin and I wasn’t even given the opportunity to also have the T-bird inspected prior to agreeing to any modification if any of the sales contract dated 03/15/2019. The Dealer refused to release my T-bird until I wired him the $4,000 which was done by me on 03/26/2019 almost 2 weeks after the initial deal had be finalized amd after the Dealer had received the trade in (Bel Air) and both car titles was signed off and exchanged by both parties. The Dealer justified the additional $4,000 by continuing to tell me that the T-bird was in excellent condition, ran great and was “Remarkable” in every way and he assured me that I would be completely satisfied upon receiving the T-bird. The transport company that was selected by the Dealer, (Best West Trans, LLC) delivered the T-bird late in the evening on Friday 0/3/29/2019 at 11:00 pm at night in the pitch black dark and the transport company couldn’t get the car to start to get off of the transport and needed to borrow my gas and some “starting fluid” to even get it to start after they jumped the car because it had a bad battery as well. The transport company refused to take the car back to the Dealer and told me that any issues involving the T-bird was between me and the Dealer and they removed the car from their transport and put the car in my driveway and left my home after charging me the $1,000 delivery fee. The next morning upon checking out the T-bird we discovered the gas tank had been severely damaged and gas was pouring out of it all over my driveway as well as power steering fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid which left a large oil and gas stain on my brand new driveway. (Our home is only 3 years old and the driveway was stain free). I immediately sent a text and photos to the dealers owner, (Louis D. Secari) and informed him that any and all repairs to this T-bird was going to be paid by him because the T-bird was nowhere near as he had represented and promised and since he demanded an additional $4,000 out of me for the AS-IS trade in of the 1957 Bel Air, I was demanding he also make the T-bird good for me as he had mis-represented the mechanical condition as well as the appearance and body and paint condition of the T-bird. On Monday, 04/01/2019 I had the 1962 T-bird towed to a nearby mechanic within 5 miles or so of my home, Ron and Sons Automotive in Schertz, TX and he, (Ron) inspected the car and informed me of major major mechanical issues with the car as well as while he had the car on the lift, they discovered this T-bird has serious rust issues, lots of body bondo and painted over all the rust and bondo all around the car as well as the under carriage. The T-bird also had touch up paint all over the car with non matching paint. (appears to be nail polish). On Thursday 04/04/2019, I sent the Dealer an email along with the prepared work order by Ron and Sons Automotive and I requested the Dealer simply return the $4,000 that he had demanded that I had wired before he would release the T-bird so I could now use those monies to at minimum get the T-bird road worthy and mechanically sound which was in fact the mechanical condition of the car I traded, (1957 Bel Air Sports Roadster). Its estimated however that the mechanical repairs may in fact exceed the $4,000 however I told the Dealer that I would assume any costs beyond the $4,000 since my proposal was simply to reinstate the original Sales Contract executed by both parties on 03/15/2019. This complaint and Notice is in fact being filed after allowing the Dealer to do the right thing and instead he responded by stating that he would not take back the T-bird unless it was repaired mechanically and running which will not be done since the car was received damaged and not running on my end. In closing, its apparent the Dealer has no intentions of returning my $4,000 and I will be out many thousands of dollars in mechanical and body and paint repairs in addition to having almost $43,000 total dollars invested in this T-bird after trade of 1957 Bel Air as well as almost $16,000 in cash to the Dealer and $1,000 in transport costs. This is an outline of what additional complaints with the NCDMV and NC Attorney Generalu2019s License, Theft and Fraud division will look like which may have some modifications and additions including photos and statements of fact by the mechanic and the transport company and other exhibits. In the end, I simply wanted the extorted $4,000 returned and the original Buyeru2019s Sales Contract reinstated and abided to so, that the $4,000 can be applied towards getting this T-bird running as it was represented to be by the Dealer. The Dealer received the Bel Air complaining about physical appearance issues and refused to comply with the completed and final deal and I am now sitting here with a car delivered Non Running and Non Remarkable in physical appearance as well so, the bottom line is The Dealer received an additional $4,000 and I need that to use for mechanical repairs that the Dealer demanded that I pay prior to the release of the T-bird $4,000 so, he could modify the original Sales Contract and increase his bottom line. The Dealer claims he is Honest, Ethical and he has nothing but satisfied customers and nothing but good reviews all over the Internet. Not from this customer and the transport company that I contacted about the issues with the T-bird told me that they have had many many complaints from other customers who received cars from this Dealer that also were falsely represented and that they u201cWILL NOTu201d be transporting anymore cars for this Dealer. I simply requested that the Dealer send back the $4,000 and I would send him wiring instructions to my Bank and we would both comply with the original and finalized Sales Contract dated 03/15/2019. One last note: The Dealer was also the Transport Broker that hired both transport companies and the Bill of Lading for the Bel Air showed nothing as far as noted damages etc. and the Dealer signed it upon receipt and the Dealer got the Bel Air in broad daylight and when I finally received the T-bird it was 11:00 pm at night and the car wouldn’t start and it wasn’t until the next morning that we discovered why it wouldn’t start. The gas tank had been severely damaged and all the gas leaked out of the car along with brake, steering and transmission fluids. The T-bird had 50+ marks all over the car example on the T-birds Bill of Lading indicating it had chips and scratches and touch up spots all over the T-bird and that was agreed to and signed by the Dealer as being accurate when the T-bird was released by them. I simply requested the Dealer send back the $4,000 and both parties abide by the terms and conditions both parties accepted and agreed to on 03/15/2019 and both parties call it a day. Beware all future CMC customers, I have over $43,000 tied up in this Non Running and Non Remarkable 1962 T-bird Sports Roadster and this is how I was treated by “The Dealer” Carolina Muscle Cars, LLC and it’s Owner, Louis D. Secari. This complaint is being filed because the Dealer rejected the proposed offer to resolve this issue by simply returning the blackmailed and extorted $4,000 and told me to do whatever I needed to do. I now will pursue getting the full $15,799 cash paid in addition to the swap of my 1957 Bel Air Sports Sedan which the Dealer allowed $23,000 towards the full asking price of the T-bird at $34,500. Also reimbursement of the $1,000 transportation costs plus any cost attributed to getting this complaint resolved. My position is that the Dealer committed Fraud, Interstate Fraud, Wire Fraud Deceptive Trade and other offenses and as a result, his T-bird wasn’t worth what was even contracted on 03/15/2019 and the two vehicles involved are equal in market value based on the overall condition of both vehicles. Sincerely, D. H.

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