Caroline Graham – Bronx, New York New York


Caroline Graham a 27 year old (birthday December 18 1988), mental health worker (TCA) at New York Presbyterian Cornell made the choice to open her legs to a married man. She had sex with him in the back of her car without a condom( classy girl right lol). This girl had a boyfriend, and this man had a wife, yet they both had no regard for either one of their partner’s health. Caroline came up pregnant and had an abortion, the married man paid for it. He even took her to get the abortion and took her back home, all while his unsuspecting wife didn’t know a thing. Caroline( Pretty C Graham) now has daughter with that same boyfriend she cheated on, I feel sorry for that child. Her mother is a nasty and vile girl, who lacks a moral compass, has no integrity, and no respect for herself. The married man is no better, and he’s even worse. He’s married and made sacred vows before God that he choose to sever, he made that conscious choice. He chose to be a lying,untrustworthy, unfaithful, weak, immoral, spineless slimeball. Cheating is a character flaw that allows people to rationalize cheating and breaking vows. Cheating indicates a person’s lack of mature adult coping skills. Their collective behavior was malicious, deceitful, and humiliating; it will have ramifications for years to come.

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