Caroline Krisa – Guntersville, Alabama Alabama


This woman was an engineer I had to work with at a agricultural plant in Guntersville, Al. We often talked on the job. She knew I had a fiancee and children yet that did not stop her from pursuing me. She left her number on my work truck. And began to stalk me. Almost causing me to lose my family. She claims to be a 25yr old virgin which I find hard to believe. Through it all my fiancee has forgiven my lapse in judgement and the wedding is on. I just want this woman to leave me alone. Forget my work number, my cell number and all of my email addresses. I worry how far her craziness will go. Heck she named a stray cat after my place of employment. Watch out for this one. She went as far as trying to file a false report on my fiance. My children and I do not need to lose my fiancee over an obsessive whack job.

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