On June 20th., 2015, I ordered a brace worn below the knee to help stop back and nerve pain in the hip area. The item was | advertised as “stopping pain and discomfort in the back and hip area”. The product was as phony as the company! The company charged me $ 14.99 for the product, $ 8.75 for express shipping, handling $ 3.95 and $1.95 “IF” the item was lost in the mail to replace the item! A grand total of $ 29.64! I tried the product and it was nothing but “Snake Oil” from the get go! I returned the item to Carol Wright Gifts and they received the item on June 22, 2015. I did not receive a refund until 15 days later on July 7, 2015 ! Iwas told by their “Customer Service” that I would receive a complete refund but after checking my account found out that I had only been given a $ 7.00 refund out of the $ 29.64 they owed me! I reported them to the local BBB in their city and they refunded my total $ 29.64 that was due me. They made it sound like it was all my fault but I sent the BBB a reply to their “game” and said that they had been reported to my credit card company and were on their list as a company that does “fraudulent business on the internet”! I also went on to ask them to “black list” Carol Wright Gifts on their site and records! All in all, my advise is “do not do business with Carol Wright Gifts” and if ordering on line from a company, first investigate them through their local BBB or any other orginization that might have info about the companys business practices and complaints filed against them. Final advice, “buyer beware”, especially on the Internet. Thank you

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